XW Stats

Detailed statistics about your New York Times crossword solves

XW Stats is what the Stats tab on the New York Times crossword app should look like.

Solve Statistics

See advanced statistics of your solves for every day of the week. Median solve time, number of squares checked/revealed, daily solve rates, and more. You can also compare to your rolling average to see if you're improving or not.

statistics screenshot

Monthly Calendar

See a calendar view of various solve data. View your solve times, puzzle completions, and performance improvement in a handy monthly calendar view. Switch the data displayed on the calendar between solve time, adjusted solve time, and checked square counts.

calendar screenshot

Adjusted Solve Times

See your "adjusted" solve times, which include penalties for squares that are checked and revealed. This custom statistic allows you to compare solve performance across puzzles you were able to complete with and without "cheating."

adjusted solve times screenshot

Downloadable Data

View your raw solve data in tabular form and download it to a CSV file. It's your data, you should be able to download and do what you want with it. Fetch the entire history of your solved puzzles for your own analysis.

data table screenshot

Constructor View

See which crossword constructors you really jive with. View stats compared to your averages to see which constructors you consistently over-perform or under-perform on their puzzles. Search constructors to see historical solve performance for their puzzles.

constructors screenshot

Global Puzzle Statistics

Did anyone else think that puzzle was super hard or was that just me? Individual puzzle summaries allow you to see how fellow solvers fared on each puzzle as well as where the puzzle ranked in your own personal history. Check out the full puzzle archive for a sneak peek.

puzzle page screenshot

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